The Texas Culinary Alliance is a community of independent restaurants united for success.

"United for Success"

Group Buying Power

The Texas Culinary Alliance gives buying power to independently owned restaurants across the state. By joining together, our members have the opportunity to reduce costs and stay competitive. Members receive high-volume pricing on the goods and services they regularly use.

For instance, a cafe in need of only two cases of ketchup, as part of Texas Culinary Alliance can get large-quantity case pricing based on the hundreds of cases of ketchup the collective will purchase. With more buying leverage, a smaller restaurant can keep prices down, margins intact, and yield business profits that are sustainable.

Controlling food and supply costs are critical to running a successful restaurant. Every penny saved is important. The Texas Culinary Alliance gives independent restaurants a competitive edge. The goal is to get our members the best possible pricing using a combination of savings opportunities such as rebates, deviations, cost-plus programs and contracted pricing.

Collective Knowledge

The Texas Culinary Alliance is a comprehensive and accurate resource for best practices. Our members get the inside scoop from professional restaurant consultant, Chef Brian West. He brings to the table specific product recommendations, seasonal food selections and recipe tips, as well as addressing topics on what’s trending in the industry. Our Advisory Board, consisting of local culinary leaders, contribute their stories from the front-line, discussing solutions for common problems.

Shared Industry experience

By working together, we can get maximum value from the experience base of our members. The Texas Culinary Alliance offers a platform that is interactive, encouraging sharing and collaborating. Opening a conversation with those who have firsthand experience about what the industry is going through, helps the whole. Everyone has the opportunity to contribute and succeed.